Electrical Engineering

Electrical And Electronics Engineering Department

The department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering came into existence along with the establishment of the institution in the year 1979. It is now headed by Dr. Pramila M.E. ,Ph.D., supported by highly qualified, experienced and dedicated staff. In this age of development in technology it is we the electrical & electronics engineers who hold the key to development with our horizon ranging from power generation to micro controllers. Founded in 1979, the department boasts of well equipped labs & a well qualified faculty. The department has endeavored in organizing regular field trips to various industries hence giving ample industrial exposure, thus integrating practical &theoretical knowledge. To develop the overall personality of the students the Electrical Engineering Association (EEA) was formed. EEA holds various seminars ,technical talks & personality development programs to keep the students & staff updated with the latest developments. Several technical institutions like CPRI. PRDA etc, have conducted various lectures & workshops. To add to the credibility of the department various project papers have been acknowledged by the industry .The department has VTU recognized R&D centre and 4 faculty members from other institutions have registered for Ph.D at this centre. Also 4 faculty members of our department are pursuing Ph.D. in diversified areas of EEE . Thus the department have strong sense of responsibility to provide an excellent technological education to the undergraduates and has been successful in providing platform to carry out R&D work. The students acquire the requisite knowledge for a successful carrier and the academic strength of the faculty is reflected by the alumini, many of whom are in the top echelons of industry and academia both in India and abroad. Department has good placement record of 90% in top companies. Department also has appreciable record of topping VTU twice i,e 1st rank with 07 Gold medals and secured 02 consecutive ranks (1st and 2nd rank) for the academic year 2013-14. Total number of Staff in the electrical department :26 Number of Staff with Ph.D.:02 Number of Professors: 01 Number of Associate Professors: 07 Number of Assistant Professors: 06 Number of Non-Teaching Staff: 10

The Department is currently headed by Dr. Pramila Ph.D ,M.E, (Powersystems)


2013-14 VTU Examination

Abhilash A.S 1st Rank with 7 Gold Medals.

Pruthvi R has secured 2nd Rank
RESULTS: Below graphs indicate the overall pass percentage of final, third & second year students of electrical & electronics department for three years.
Name Designation Phone Research Interest Mail Photo
Dr. Pramila Ph.D ,M.E, (Powersystems Professor & Head of Department 8050291859 pramila_madhuri@rediffmail.com , dr.p.pramila26@gmail.com
Y. PAVAN KUMAR M.Tech (Power System High Associate Professor 94480 43127 Power System Voltage Stability and FACTS ypkbit@gmail.com
J. ASHWATHA NARAYANAPPA M.E Associate professor 9980030409 jathavaraashwath@yahoo.co.in
G.SUDHA M.E Associate Professor 9902730103 Power System Protection, Power Quality Assessment and Management, sudhag_bit@yahoo.co.in
SMITHA A N M.E Professor 9845395535 Concrete Technology, Composite Materials, Watershed Management, RS & GIS balubit@gmail.com
M.R.PRAPULLA M.Tech Associate Professor 9538780505 Control Systems mprapullah6@gmail.com
Dr. SWARNALATHA SRINIVAS PhD M.E. Associate Professor 9632477033 Wireless Communication, Ad-hoc Networks, VANETs, MANETS, Sensor Networks swarnalatha.ss@gmail.com
H.B.NAGESH M.Tech Associate Professor 9845230018 Power system voltage stability, FACTS hbnbit@gmail.com
SUMAN A.H. M.E. ssociate Professor 9880467548 Power Electronics & Electric Drives sumanah01@gmail.com
S.RADHIKA M.E Associate Professor 9844153556 Power Electronics eeesradhika@gmail.com
H.SURESH M.Tech Associate Professor 9986040846 Power Electronics & Drives, Solar & Wind Renewable energy sources suresh_0672@yahoo.com
Yashwanth kumar B M.E Professor 9742010117 Power Electronics,Renewable energy kumaryashp@gmail.com
Harshavardhan c p M.E Associate Professor 9844874391 Power systems harshachand06@gmail.com
Lakshmi R M.E Assistant Professor 9886746450 Power Electronics & Electric Drives. lakshmi174.r@gmail.com


The department possesses up to date equipment and software packages to deep the students abreast with the latest trends and requirements of the ever changing industrial environment


The department has well equipped labs affording students practical experiences in handling machines and theoretical know how.
Electrical Machines Lab: Include AC/DC generator and motors, inductions and synchronous motors, transformers, DC regulator.
Microcontroller Lab : a full fledged microcontroller lab , it offers interaction with 8051 model.
Electrical Measurement lab: Equipped with latest technologies in electrical energy measurement and instrumentation such as kelvin bridges, flux meter, universal measuring bridges, energy meter and digital RMS meters
Electrical Circuits lab : Theorem simulator kits , CROs, signal generators etc are used.
High voltage lab: study of high voltage systems, stress analysis on transmission lines etc is carried out using latest voltage testing and measuring equipment
Power electronics lab: Experiments involving study of SCRs, chopper and inverter circuits etc are taken up. study of electric drives and speed control of motor are taken up
Controls Lab: Practical exercises on analysis of DC servomotors, feedback mechanisms, stepper motors are taken up Power system simulation / pspice lab: The lab houses software for load flow studies, fault analysis , steady state and transient state stability studies, optimality of performance study, system interconnection and their computer simulation etc.
AEC/DEC Labs: study of characteristics of transistors, diodes, FET,MOSFET,CMOS, and opamps are taken up. Realization of flip-flops, counters, multiplexers, demultiplexers, encoder,, decoder, ADC/DAC, multivibrators etc. are done.
MATLAB : Knowledge about various signals & system softwares are obtained. Some important projects done by electrical students : Power system in bangalore city (KEB) Long range Single Phase Electronic Energy meter (BHEL) Communication Modem for the Protection Relay (ABB) Airborne Encoder Decoder Simulator (ADE) Application of Genetic Algorithm in Power Systems (CPRI) Study of Ion Migration and Thermal Runaway of DC Insulators (CPRI) Control and monitoring system Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (ABB) Evaluation of Digital Distance Relaying Algorithms (CPRI) Microprocessor based governing of prime movers & PLC based controlled conveyor (KIRLOSKAR)