E&C Engineering

"Congratulations to our students for achieving VTU ranks: Mamatha R for securing "Gold Medal" VTU 1st rank; Sachin Kumar Singh VTU 3rd rank; Swarupa B N VTU 2nd rank in PG- VLSI; Shivaprasad B M VTU 3rd rank PG-DEC"  

Electronics and Communication Engineering Department was established in the year 1979 with an intake of 40 students for Bachelor of Engineering (BE) programme and affiliated to Bangalore University. Subsequently the department of Electronics and Communication Engineering of Bangalore Institute of Technology was affiliated to Visvesvaraya Technological University during the year 1998. Currently the department is offering Bachelor of Engineering with an intake of 180 students in Under Graduate (UG) programme and Master of Technology (M.Tech) in VLSI Design and Embedded systems with an intake of 18 students as well as M.Tech in Digital Electronics and Communication with an intake of 24 students under Post Graduate (PG) programme.

The department has well qualified and experienced staff of 38 faculties which includes 4 Professors 11 Associate Professors and 23 Assistant Professors with an average experience of faculty is more than 15 years. There are about 6 Doctoral qualified faculty. The department has laboratory facilities to meet the curriculum of Visvesvaraya Technological University and beyond and is also supported by a well trained technical staff.

As of now department students have achieved 15 ranks under Visvesvaraya Technological University and 10 ranks under Bangalore University. The students of the department are well placed in various companies for jobs by the end of the course. In addition to UG and PG programs, the department also offers research (M.Sc Engineering/ Ph.D) programme

Dr.K.V. Prasad

Professor & Head
The department is headed by Dr.K.V.Prasad, who obtained his Ph.D in 1993 from the University of Hull, Hull, England, United Kingdom. Prior to that, he did his B.Tech in 1983 and M.Tech in 1985 from Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, India. Dr K.V.Prasad is with the department since 2010 after a brief industrial experiences.

Students Achievements

  • Mr Ashok D R 2012-2016 of batch is admitted to IISC, Bangalore.
  • Mr Anantha Narayanan R of 2012-2016 batch is admitted to IISC, Bangalore.
  • Mr. Srinivas Gowda R of 2008-2012 batch has secured 105th rank of UPSC examination (IAS) - 2015.
  • SHEETAL A S has secured "Jain University Gold Medal" and VTU 3rd rank;
  • Balachandra S has secured VTU 5th rank.
  • Shruthi P has secured VTU 9th rank.
  • Chandana K N has secured "Gold medal" VTU 1st rank in PG- VLSI
  • Bhargavi D K has secured VTU 2nd rank PG-DEC.

Award Won By Students

1 Sharath M K, Utkarsh Siddu, Sudarshan S, Yathish M IIT Bombay/ 2013 Grid master Іst place
2 Sharath M K, Shiva Sri Krishna Donthi, Utkarsh Siddu, Sudarshan S, Yathish M IIT kharagpur/2013 ACROSS, ROBOTIX II Place
3 Harsha S,Harsha K Cadence Bangalore/2012-13 VlSI design 6 th Place
4 Kiran kanchi R IISc Bangalore / 2015-16 RC car racing Іst place
5 Royston B M C Bangalore/2015 Cobalt skies Іst place
6 Prakriti appia,Nikita.S, Nidhishree B.H B I T / Bangalore 8 th KSTA Annual conference On Science & technology for GenNext URBAN SPACE ІInd place
7 Ashish G, Adithya T G B M S Engg college Bangalore/2015-16 Home automation workshop Participation
8 Rakesh V dhotre, Pratik Jaiswal B I T IEEE students branch Bangalore/2014-15 Workshop on technical writing & publishing Participation
9 Aditya Bijoor B I T Bangalore/2015-16 Rig IT to win IT II Place
10 Rakesh V dhotre B I T IEEE students branch Bangalore/2015-16 Workshop on Python Participation


In Electronics and communication Engineering department nearly 100% placement in each year.

Electronics And Communication Students Association Objectives

  • To instill in the students a passion towards the subjects studied in E&C engineering and drive them towards the practical implementation of the theoretical concepts.
  • To become an idea hub and come up with move futuristic project ideas.
  • To encourage and nurture students to think beyond.
  • To become a good techno cultural club having a combination approach towards involving all the interdisciplinary streams of engineering and conducting workshops that help the students to become a complete engineer.
  • To recognize and encourage the excellence of students and help them in enhancing their technical knowledge on the subject.
  • To build a harmony and educative relation between the students and teachers there by providing a platform exchange of new ideas by students and share the valuable experience of teachers.
  • To act as a venue for the students to explore their individual sense of self and help them to learn, develop and grow as an competent engineer both with social responsibility.
  • To enhance the industry institute interaction by bridging the gap pertaining to advance in the filed of electronics.
  • To make students assertive and equip with leadership qualities.
  • To cultivate the culture to organize and manage conferences/ talks for the overall development of each student.

Electronics and Communication Students Association was started on 09.03.2004 under the flagmanship of our former head of the department Prof. M.J.Shanthiprasad along with Prof.K.C.Chandrashekarappa and Prof. Bhagirathi.N.M The activities conducted by the founder staff and student co-ordinators such as Aurindam Jana, Sunny Kaul were, ECSA website, Two newsletters ‘EC-SAP’ per semester, Aptitude Test, inter collegiate Technical Fest and Guest Lecture from Industry professionals. Subsequently this association was developed from infancy to an adult by Prof. K.Nirmala Kumari, Prof Karunavathi, Dr.A.M.Vijaya Prakash with lot of interaction with students ECSA became a full fledged student organization when a board of direction was elected. ECSA has stretched its arms in diverse fields such as conducting workshops in robotics annually in par with technology, training students for placement in coordination with Alumni, arranging various Technical talks by experts from Industries & IISC. ECSA also encouraged students to participate in workshops at IITs all over India. ECSA was also involved in NGO activities. Currently Dr. A.B.Kalpana, Prof. S.L. Mukthi as well as Dr. A.R.Hemanth Kumar and Prof H.S.Veena are the coordinators of ECSA.

ECSA Events during the year 2015 - 2016

ECSA conducted line follower robot action packed event during Manthan 2015. With a total of 11 teams participating, this event was a huge success. Participants carried home huge cash prizes, worth of Rs. 7000 for winner and Rs. 4000 for runners respectively. The 1st Round required the participants to build an autonomous line follower robot. In the round 2 the robot of 1st round had to be modified to an obstacle avoiding line follower robot. The final round, needs the robot had to be modified into a remote controlled robot which need to navigate through an arena.

Seminar / Workshop PRISM (29th August 2015)

As the title suggests, PRISM brought together a mélange of events. The platform of ECSA was extended to its new members, awell intended, cheerful atmosphere was forged and the carefully organized events were met with sheer enthusiasm. Prism saw vivacious participation and succeeded in capturing the attention of the audience.

Line Follower workshop using ARDUINO (12th -13th September 2015)

Technology brings with it the potential to unarm new possibilities and realize new ideas. As a first step to tap this potential ECSA organized a workshop to build and code for a line follower robot using Arduino. The workshop enhanced the technical knowledge and skills of the ardent students. Starting from the fundamentals, the software and hardware aspects of the bot were dealt with tactful.

Name Designation Phone Research Interest Mail Photo
Dr.K.V PRASAD Professor & Head of Department 9900954220 Digital Signal Processing and Communication Systems drsvt@yahoo.com
Dr. SREE RANGA RAJU M N Associate Professor 9845999389 MANETS, co-operative Networks and Sensor Networks mnsrr@rediffmail.com
Dr. HEMANTHA KUMAR A.R professor 9901966111 MANETS, Routing Algorithms, Clustered Networks, Planning and sensor networks drhkar2010@gmail.com
Dr. VIJAYA PRAKASH A.M Professor 9844658446 VLSI Design, DSP, Image Processing ,Video Processing Finfets am_vprakash@yahoo.co.in
MURALINARASIMHAM.S Professor 9341265172 narasimham_s@yahoo.co.in
MURALIDHAR K.V Associate Professor 9880022176 Digital design & Power Electronics kvmuralidhar2003@yahoo.co.in
GOPINATH .C.Y Associate Professor 9886331254 Wireless Communications, Computer architecture, Embedded Systems, Error Control Coding gopinath_cyg@yahoo.com
NIRMALA KUMARI .K Associate Professor 9844302686 Embedded Systems knkbit@gmail.com
CHANDRASHEKARAPPA.K ssociate Professor 9986155244 kcsbit@gmail.com
SUJATHA .S Associate Professor 9964844108 bit.sujatha@gmail.com
RADHA B.L Associate Professor 9482535094 VLSI, Nano Electronics radha_bl@rediffmail.com
KARUNAVATI R.K Professor 9880103001 Communication rkk_dcj@yahoo.com
SUDHA .H Associate Professor 9480592758 bitsudha@yahoo.com
VEENA H.S Assistant Professor 9740689616 Signal Processing veenasreepadvin@rediff.com
Dr. BYRA REDDY. C.R Assistant Professor 9343792605 Antennas, Wireless communication, sensor networks, R F Communication Engg. byrareddycr@yahoo.co.in
Prem Chandra R.L Professor 9845581008 VLSI Systems rlpgowda@gmail.com
NARAYANA SWAMY J.C Associate Professor 9449904742 jcnswamy@gmail.com
KRISHNA. R professor 9901398846 Area of interest: Short channel effect analysis in MOSFETs krishnar129@yahoo.com
PUSHPANJALI.J Professor 9449564411 Communication systems pushpanjalijayachandra@yahoo.com
BHAGIRATHI. N.M Professor 9449542509 MobileCommunication, Digitalswitching, Computer Networking bhagirathin.m485@yahoo.com
Dr. KALPANA. A.B Associate Professor 9480037827 VLSI abkalpana@gmail.com
DHANALAKSHMI. L Associate Professor 9980335265 Digital & Computer Communication, Image Processing dhanalakshmil31@yahoo.co.in
NARENDRA. C.P Associate Professor 9880806230 Signal Processing narendracp@rediffmail.com
MUKTHI. S.L Associate Professor 9845752125 VLSI and Embedded Systems chakshu.son@gmail.com
VIJAYA LAKSHMI. D Associate Professor 9902739630 vijibit@ymail.com
RADHA B.L Associate Professor 9482535094 VLSI, Nano Electronics radha_bl@rediffmail.com
SHYLAJA. V Professor 9901607567 VLSI and Embedded Systems narayanb2@gmail.com
SRINIVASA MURTHY. R Associate Professor 9901140362 srinivasamurthyr@yahoo.co.in
JALAJA. S Assistant Professor 9845100604 VLSI architectures, ASIC implementation, Digital signal processing jalajabit@gmail.com
NIRANJAN. E Assistant Professor 9483836743 Digital Image Processing niranjan.e@sify.com
K P LEELA Assistant Professor 9844241787 Digital Image Processing leelasuda@yahoo.com
THEJASWINI B M Assistant Professor 9986306544 thejaswini.bmg@gmail.com
M.V.RANJEETHA Assistant Professor 9901993852 VLSI design , Embedded Systems, Digital Electronics work.ranjeetha@gmail.com
Yashaswini M Assistant Professor 8884886236 image processing, speech processing, digital signal processing yashaswini.mgowda@gmail.com
NAVANEETH NATARAJ Assistant Professor 7795862270 VLSI Design, Embedded System Design, Internet of Things, HDL, Logic Design navaneeth_nataraj2002@yahoo.com
HITHAISHI DEVARAJ Assistant Professor 9731671840 VLSI design Hithaishi@gmail.com
SHILPA.B Assistant Professor 9901253926 : Networking, Wireless Sensor Networks shilpa.b1104@gmail.com
SACHIN.B.M Assistant Professor 9686510025 Image Processing, Communication sachinbm99@gmail.com
R.JANARDHAN Assistant Professor 9611566707 Signal Processing, Image Processing janardhanrangappa@gmail.com
VANISRI.K Assistant Professor 9739581396 VLSI and Embedded System vani.vinutha@gmail.com
ANIL KUMAR.G.N Assistant Professor 9483836743 VLSI Design, Embedded Systems, Digital Electronics, Power Electronics. niranjan.e@sify.com
KESHAVA.A Assistant Professor 9538537826 VLSI Design, Embedded Systems keshava.2805@gmail.com
GAHAN.A.V Assistant Professor 8105232716 Wireless Communication, Networking, Image Processing, Network Security. gahan.av001@gmail.com
HITHAISHI.P Assistant Professor 9900333669 Wireless communication, Logic design hithu.powda@gmail.com
SANTHOSH B Assistant Professor 9164144256 GSM, Wireless Communication, Digital Communication, Networking. santhoshb366@gmail.com
VIDYASHREE.G.P Assistant Professor 8105461146 Communication and Networking. vidya.parva@gmail.com
MANASA P Assistant Professor 9964239425 Wireless Sensor Networks. emanasagowda@gmail.com
1. The department has state – of – the – art laboratories and modern software tools in the areas of communication, DSP, Micro-controller, VHDL, Microprocessor, Embedded System, VLSI design etc. 2. All the class rooms UG/PG in the department are as per the AICTE norms well furnished and with multimedia projectors. 3. The department has exclusive library facility for the UG & PG students. 4. The following are research facilities in the department : NS-2,3, cadence, Xilnx,Lab view, Keil Software & Matlab etc. The department has the following laboratories

Analog Electronics Lab Equipments

Oscilloscope – 15 MHz (Philips PM 3206) CRO single trace – 15 MHz (3030 APLAB) Dual power supply – 30 V (7642 APLAB)
Component storage system High voltage power supply – 300 V / 1 A ( APLAB 7334) SL.no.0 489/1/, 0489/2 CRO – 15 MHz (3131 APLAB)
Multimeter - Motwane DC power supply – 0-60V / 5A – CC/CV (M.S. Systems) LCR Meter (4910 APLAB)
RPS - ( 7111 APLAB) Oscilloscope 25 MHz (SCIENTIFIC) SCR power supply – 15 – 300 V / 3 A APLAB-7321 (Slno. 994/338)
Power supply – ( 7212 APLAB) Mainframe (nf) (SCIENTIFIC) 4 IN 8 Sine wave generator Function generator Pulse generator LC meter Dual RPS – 0-30V/ 2A (UNITRON)

Logic Design Lab Equipments:

IC tester - RC 4024D 10 MHz Pulse generator - APLAB Digital IC Trainer Kit - Digitrack -DIT03
Scientific Oscilloscope HM203 M 30 MHz With delay sweep Function generator 2 MHz - APLAB Digital multimeter - Kamal Electronics - RISH
Scientific Oscilloscope HM203 G 30 MHz Without delay sweep Regulated Power supply(0-32V/2A) L3202 - APLAB Digital multimeter - Kamal Electronics - RISH
Auto digital IC Tester - SYSTRONICS Digital IC Trainer Kit - MICRO LOGICS - ML5557 Function generator 2 MHz - APLAB

HDL Lab Equipments:

Xilinx 14.1 version. FPGA & CPLD Evaluation board 32 Channel Pattern Generator cum Logic Analyzer – LG-320 Stepper Motor Interface (Card & one Motor) Power supply for motor Dual DAC Interface D C Motor Controller Interface Temperature Control Interface
Eprom Eraser, UV light source for erasing EPROMs - ESA UVE Xilinx ISE foundation university licensed edition with Modelsim Two Channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope (60Mhz) – TDS1002 – Tektronix
Power supply 5V, 1A – TK-PS Two Channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope (40Mhz) – TDS1001B - Tektronix

Microcontroller Lab Equipments:

Microcontroller Trainer ESA 51E 8051/251 Single Board Computer/Evaluation board with power adpter KEIL software - c51 professional developes kit
Power Adopter power backup for Ram PIC 16F84 microcontroller development & Trainer board with on board programmer +Interface Module Single chip microcontroller kit
KITCOMP PC Keyboard PIC 16F877 microcontroller development & Trainer board with on board programmer + Interface Module Power Supply
Intelligent Universal Programer General purpose interface Module 4 Digit 7 Segment
LCD Interface DC Motor Interface Power Supply +/- 12v
Calculator IFK board Stepper Motor Interface 6 Digit 7 Segment
Dual DAC Elevator Interface 4 X 4 matrix Hex Keypad
16 Channel 8 bit ADC Single Chip MCU Trainer TXDR Interface using PT100
Dual DAC & Elevator Interface Stepper Motor Interface DC Motor Interface

Analog / Digital Communication Lab Equipments:

Multimeters MOTWANE MK III Microwave bench & components SICO CASTER AUTOMATION Power supply – 0-15V / 0-1A
Low distortion Signal generator 2014 Milli ammeter MR 100 m A Digital Linear IC Trainer kit 5001
Scientific Oscilloscope – HM203M 30MHz With delay APLAB Power supply 7112 Digital Linear IC Trainer kit LDT 2001
Auto digtial IC Tester 902 PHILIPS Oscilloscope – 60Mhz Scientific Oscilloscope – HM203G 30MHz Without delay
Microwave Bench with accessories Klystron set up PHILIPS Oscilloscope – 150 Mhz Fibre Optic Trainer Kit – Falcon make a. Fibre link – B fibre optic trainer kit b. RS-232 Interface c. 20 Mts. Plastic Fibre
Gun diode setup PHILIPS Oscilloscope – 20 Mhz Analog communication Radio Rx kit a. ACL – 01 AM TX Kit b. ACL – 02 AM DeMOD RX Kit c. ACL – 03 FM TX Kit d. ACL – 04 FM DeMOD RX Kit
TDS 1002 2 Channel Digital storage Oscilloscope HP 54501A Digitising Oscilloscope – 100Mhz Digital communication trainers DPSK & Power supply QPSK & Power supply
DCL – 08 PAM/PWM/PPM Mod & Demod Kit (Falcon Make) with power supply DCL – 02 TDM PAM De modulation Kit with power supply (Falcon Make) DCL – 01 Analog Signal sampling and reconstruction Kit (Falcon Make) with power supply

DSP Lab Equipments:

PCs with Fixed/Floating point DSP Processors (Kit/Add-on Cards) MATLAB with Simulink and Signal Processing Tool Box, Function Generators & CRO

Microprocessor Lab Equipments:

8086/8088 Microprocessor Trainer with onboard Keypad and LED Display - ESA 86/88-2 Stepper Motor Interface with Stepper Motor & power adapter model – 1F – STEP with FRC cable Calculator type Keyboard interface, Model :IF – KBD with FRC cable
In-Circuit Emulator for 8086/88 - ESA ICE-2 with SMPS Power Supply - ESA PS M2 PC ADD-ON CARD: 48-lines I/O card with 3, 16 bit programmable timers Model– ESA PCI-DIOT with Logic controller Interface 4 – Digit, 7 segment LED Display Interface Model – IF DIS with Printer interface cable with FRC cable

VLSI Lab Software:

CAD tools from Cadence for top-down and bottom-up design methodologies: (180nm & 45nm Standard-cell library)
VHDL/Verilog (Design capture) NC-VHDL/NC-Verilog (Simulation) BuildGates (Logic Synthesis)
Design Planner and PKS (Floor planning) Silicon Ensemble (Placement and Routing) Design for testability.
Design for signal integrity. Pearl (Timing closure) Envisia (Clock tree generation)
HyperExtract (Parasitic extraction) Dracula (DRC)

Power Electronics Lab Equipments:

Second Order System Rheostats Control Half Wave Rectifier And F.W.R
IGBT & MOSFET Characteristics Unit [Ig & Mfet Char] Inductive Load SCR Turn Off Circuit
Ramp And Pedestal Firing Ckt [R&P FIR Ckt] D.C Motor Control Unit Generation Of Firing Signal For Thyristor A)Digital Firing Ckt B)Using Micro Control C)Using M.P
Parallel Inverter [Invt.P] A.C Motor Control Unit Ujt Firing Ckt
Series Inverter [Invt.S] Speed Control Of Stepper Motor Digital Firing Ckt
PID Controller Chopper Voltage Impulse Singal Phase Isolation Transformer
D.C Position Control System Full Wave Fully Control Rectifier Universal Motor Control (.5hp)